Caring Communities

Caring Communities

Do you love where you live?  Discover the quality of life that makes our region a rewarding place to visit, live, study, work and invest.

Our caring and welcoming communities offer a unique blend of rural and urban lifestyles, giving newcomers a wide choice of places to live, work and relax. Enjoy nature and the cultural and social amenities in our diverse towns and centres.

The communities of the Annapolis Valley invite you to discover the quality of life that makes our region a rewarding place to visit, live, study, work and invest.

People are attracted to our region by the balanced lifestyle, affordable real estate, excellent post-secondary programs, and safe, supportive communities with exceptional recreational options, health services, and neighbourhood schools. Our beautiful region, with its welcoming character, is graced with beaches and waterways, a strong arts and culture community, a rich heritage with national historic sites, and plentiful fresh produce, local wine, craft breweries and distilleries to tour and enjoy. Plus, there is almost no traffic congestion.

The Annapolis Valley Advantage includes:

  • Affordable neighborhoods close to Halifax ● Satisfying quality of life with strong social, cultural and recreational amenities enables employers to attract and retain a qualified workforce ● Strong education and training sector supports a diversified, loyal and productive workforce ● Post-secondary and government-funded R&D services support innovation in ICT and agri-business, while providing a talent pool of local graduates and researchers ● Natural assets, a strong agricultural tradition and consumer demand nourish an expanding wine and craft beverage sector and culinary/food cluster ● Affordable and available commercial and industrial real estate reduces costs relative to other business centres ● A coordinated approach to regional development accelerates recruitment and connects businesses with resources and key government decision-makers ● Large manufacturers and exporters provide a secure and sustainable economic and employment base ● High-capacity broadband backbone supports institutions, services and businesses.